Pool Plant Information Update Seminar

update seminarThere is an obligation to maintain knowledge and practices of health and safety issues, and in the case of swimming pool plant operations this opportunity is provided through the P.A.L.M. Academy INFORMATION UPDATE SEMINAR.

This SEMINAR gives the required updated information, to demonstrate that you have maintained your knowledge, and are aware of best practices. The Seminar complies with the guidance offered by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group; Health & Safety Guidance 179 and BS-EN 15288-2 and will include issues such as current water quality standards; UK LEGISLATION; European standards, and also includes Energy Management.

Assessment is made through the production of satisfactory standard of information from the delegate’s workplace.

Course duration: 6 hours

Hadleigh Swim & Leisure, HADLEIGH, Suffolk

The  Hadleigh Swim & Leisure Centre is undergoing a multi-million pound refurbishment. This terrific Centre will be an ideal location to hold this important PALM ACADEMY INFORMATION UPDATE SEMINAR

Course Date 24-04-2020 9:00
Course End Date 24-04-2020 16:00
Individual Price £115.00

ylesbury Grammar School, AYLESBURY, BUcks

IAylewsbury Grammar School is an outstanding school with a reputation for achievement and learning. The School also has, of course, an excellent swimming pool, making it an ideal venue for operators of school, and hotel pools, in the Buckinghamshire area, to update their pool operator knowledge at this Seminar.

Course Date 14-05-2020 9:00
Course End Date 14-05-2020 15:00
Individual Price £115.00