Operational Staff Development

 Sometimes referred to as “Front Line Staff”, our Operational Staff are critical to successful businesses. First Impressions Count; Getting It Right First Time, Every Time are phrases that are often used in customer-focussed industries. However, it is the way that these staff are developed and supported that will let them give that first impression!

These modules provide staff with the thorough knowledge, as well as how to apply that knowledge, at the front end of the operation.  A mix of them can be developed into a rounded INDUCTION PROGRAMME for new staff.

Management Development

The role of today’s Duty Managers is ever-expanding, and it is essential that they are given the support that they need to carry out the full range of their duties. It is more likely than ever that the Duty Manager, and Relief Duty Manager, will be involved in managing resources, people, legislation, finance and programmes. These modules provide the information to support their responsibilities, and the practical expertise that can apply theories into real-life examples.

Technical Courses

The classic Swimming Pool Plant Operations Certificate is supported by a range of technical courses. One of P.A.L.M.’s most popular, and unique, qualifications is the Small Pool Operators Certificate, which has been especially written for schools, hotels, and leisure clubs.

There is a requirement to keep knowledge up-to-date and valid, and this requirement is met by the Information Update Seminar, which can be taken by the holders of any awarding body’s qualification. Remember, it is the knowledge that needs to be updated; not the qualification!

Advisory Services

The expertise and wealth of experience held by the Directors of Physical Activity and Leisure Management Ltd, allows them to be best placed to offer sound advice that can stand up to the scrutiny that is typical of today’s Blame culture. From safety assessments to management systems support; from policy and procedure writing to project management, P.A.L.M. is here to help any organisation, in any sector.