Management Development

Managing the Application of Legislation

 Legislation affects almost everything in the operation of today’s leisure facilities, from admitting children to running a fitness class. It is critical that Duty Managers are able to manage their staff to comply with every aspect of the law. Much of the legislation may not be known by all staff, and their experience in work may just be of being told what to do. This module will address the underlying reasons for many of the instructions, processes and procedures that Duty Managers introduce. The stay out of jail seminar.

Duration: 2 days

Managing Customer Service

Leisure is a ‘business provided BY people, FOR people’, so it is reasonable that our staff know how to deal with
Service customers. Whatever their age or activity, their expectations have to be exceeded in this very competitive industry, and it is the development of customer service systems and skills that will achieve that.

This module will include welcoming skills; customer identification, and how to plan improvements on customer service. This is the touchy-feely part of the development programme.

Duration: 1 day

Developing Leadership & Teamwork Skills

Another aspect of the operation of leisure facilities, is the ability to develop effective teamwork, and every successful
Leadership & Teamwork Skills team needs to have a great leader.

This module includes a number of exercises that will identify the aspects of leadership that would need to be improved, and also the practices that would make those improvements. This is the personal development element of the Duty Manager’s qualification.

Duration: 2 days

Recruitment / Employee Rights (including Equality & Diversity)

The recruitment and management of staff is an increasingly important part of the Duty Manager’s portfolio of skills.

This module tracks the process from the vacancy to the appointment, including the short-listing and interviewing skills. It then goes on to the induction and initial appraisal, and finally to dealing with grievances and discipline. An absolute must for all Duty Managers.

Duration: 2 days

Fitness Management Certificate

From client retention to the recruitment and management of instructors, this course will open up the whole range of management issues that are required in the operation of fitness clubs and suites.

Duration: 4-6 days

Event Management and Facility Programming

Innovation is key to client retention; putting your facility ahead of the competition. Whether it is local, holiday attraction or an international event, your facility becomes a shop-window for all the other activities that you provide, and your reputation can be made or broken by the organisation behind the programmes and events that you promote.

This module will investigate the background of event preparation, and also the integration of programmes with other stake-holders. This element offers the chance to show enterprise and initiative.

Duration: 2 days

Marketing and Promotion (including financial management of promotional events)

Marketing is not all about putting posters on notice boards, it is about making sure that you provide whatever it is that you’re saying you provide; and then to the highest possible standards.

This element investigates and considers a wide range and number of practical marketing initiatives and theories, and formulating them into marketing plans. This element will need candidates to consider the wider role of their position in management.

Duration: 1 day

Managing Poor Performance

Why do we tolerate poor performance from some staff? Everybody must be given a fair chance, but we also have a business to manage; this means having to ensure that everybody is working to their utmost for the business. This seminar will cover issues from the induction to discipline and their management.

Duration: 1 day

Finance Management for Non-Financial Managers

The budget may not have been set by the manager, but in today’s environment, it has to be controlled by them. This seminar covers such diverse issues as the effect of vat on budgets and price menus, to profiling budgets, and identifying financial trends. An essential tool, for those who become involved in the budget review process.

Duration: 1 day