This is the flagship PALM Academy qualification for all those people responsible for the operation of SWIMMING POOL PLANT and its associated installations.
It complies fully with the PWTAG Code of Practice and Syllabus for the Swimming Pool Technical Operator standard.

The course covers all aspects of plant room operation, together with legal and industry documentary requirements and compliance; pool designs; energy management and alternative chemical treatments.

Some of the more obvious elements are covered in great depth; filtration; chemical controls and pool water testing.

There is a good mix of theory and practical work; there are some elements which can only be demonstrated and explained whilst within a plant room, or on a poolside. These include a plant room tour and equipment identification, and a water testing workshop, where every water test has to be carried out and the results explained by the delegate.

We also use ‘class-room’ exercises to test the continuing level of understanding, as the course progresses.
At the end of the course delegates will be required to pass a short, multiple-choice written question test, and then to undertake a post course assignment, at their own place of work.

Together, the practical demonstration of skills; the written test; and the post-course assignment will ensure that the delegate shows a good understanding not only of the technical management of a pool, but the reasons why certain practices and protocols are necessary.

Who should attend this training course?
This course is intended for operators of year-round, indoor pools, especially those of 25m length or greater.

Course duration:    3 days